5 Tips of Choosing a Commercial Beer Fridge

Commercial beer fridge is essential equipment for any bar or restaurant.  It is responsible for the proper cooling and storage of beer – the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage. Buying a bar cooler is a large investment. That is why it is so important to take into account all the issues that can affect the convenience of operation and efficiency of the work of this equipment. These 5 tips will help you to find the fridge you need for your business:


For commercial use, choose larger models that have the space you need. However, make sure that the equipment is not too large, otherwise you risk inefficiency and higher running costs. When choosing sizes, also consider the depth of the device. It can be shallow or deep. It will help you to use the space effectively.

2. Doors

There are swing or sliding models available. The latter option is ideal for limited spaces where it is important to organize every square centimeter of the area effectively. As for the material of the doors, they can be stainless steel or glass, so your visitors can see your entire range of products.In addition, you can choose the number of doors. There are single, double, and even three-door models in the market. Also note that the doors should be self-closing. If you are using the bar cooler to sell food and drinks to the general public, its doors should be equipped with a lock.

3. Design

Most commercial beer fridges are made of stainless steel. You can also give them any color and add branding to draw customers’ attention to your products.

4. Shelves

Most refrigerators are equipped with adjustable chrome beer shelves. There are also models with wine shelves.

5. Manufacturer

The purchase of refrigeration equipment is always quite expensive. Be sure to check all quality certificates and warranties of the selected supplier. This way you can be sure that the refrigerator will serve you for a long time. The optimal price and quality ratio of commercial beer fridge can be found on the site of the Beverage Craft company. Here you will find the best refrigeration equipment to suit all the needs of your establishment, and the consultants will gladly help you to arrange its delivery and installation. Choose Beverage Craft products – and your fresh, cool beer will always be in demand!

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