Innovative Solutions For Enhanced Nursing Home Safety

The safety of loved ones in the nursing home is a matter of concern. This becomes more important when they are prone to physical and mental vulnerabilities. Thankfully, the advancements in technology can offer a huge range of solutions. From surveillance systems to bridging communication gaps, technology offers both safety and security.

The benefits of technology in nursing homes can be huge. They should be utilized properly. Everyone is using digital devices these days. However, the generation who does not use it much may need it the most– the elderly. Advanced monitoring can also prevent cases of negligence. If you believe your loved one was hurt, speak to a Cedar Rapids nursing home injury lawyer today.

Innovative solutions for enhanced nursing home safety

Remote monitoring.

Nursing home care has become a lot better now, thanks to advanced monitoring. Nurses can use devices like smartwatches to keep an eye on the residents. They can also check the residents’ heart rate, blood pressure levels, and activities throughout the day. It provides nurses with a complete picture of how the elderly person is doing. This innovation is extremely useful for understaffed institutions.

Share information seamlessly.

Technology has allowed people to go paperless. When nurses spend less time going through papers, they can invest more time in taking care of the residents. Employees can easily store patient data online and find pieces of information within minutes. Moreover, the accurate storage and sharing of information keeps people safe. It becomes easier to categorize residents who need special care.

Surveillance systems.

Surveillance systems are crucial to keep an eye on the entire nursing home at a glance. You can look at each room on a single TV screen; it does not get more convenient than this. Cameras fitted in each resident’s room allow the staff to monitor them without having to be there physically. This is particularly helpful for understaffed institutions or also when a lot of the staff members are on leave. It also helps residents feel more secure.

Medication management.

Technology has helped people manage their medications and reduce the chances of error. For example, an automated pill dispenser comes with alarms that alert residents with visual and auditory cues. This is especially helpful for seniors who often forget to take medication or have problems remembering the schedule.

Better communication.

Smartphones, tablets, and computers allow people to communicate seamlessly. It makes it simpler for residents to connect with the nursing home staff as well as their family members. If a resident needs someone and no one is around, they can simply drop a text or dial a number. It is also important to recognize that not all residents may know how to operate a smartphone. For such cases, there should be special, straightforward devices. For example, a pager.

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