6 Santa Monica Restaurants that are a Must Visit!

Good food equals a good mood, because when we eat better, we feel better. Santa Monica is well known for the diversity of its culture, the richness of its art, and the exquisiteness of the Santa Monica Pier.

What it also holds is a treasure trove of restaurants that offer wonderful food, tranquil ambience and value for money.  Scattered all over the city, they offer a plethora of cuisines and inclusive menus that can be enjoyed by everyone.

This article takes you through 6 of Santa Monica’s must visit restaurants that promise to be a treat to your senses. If you’re looking for more fun while you decide between restaurants play the slot game 5 lions megaways.

1. Golden Bull Restaurant

Established in 1949, The Golden Bull has been honored with the title of the best Classic LA restaurant by Eater LA. With a cozy interior that accentuates the deliciousness of its menu, this restaurant is bound to tantalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. 

The wide variety provided by its menu include the Shrimp Cocktail in its appetizer that will prepare you for a wide selection of Lunch or Brunch mains. The Golden Bull promises to please its customers completely.  

2. HiHo Cheeseburger

As their tagline boasts of using ‘100% grass-fed wagyu beef’, HiHo Cheeseburger is host to one of the most exceptional burgers in town. With the inclusiveness of having vegetarian options in their burgers, and the competitive pricing it offers, HiHo is highly underrated for what it has to offer. 

An exploration of Santa Monica is incomplete without taking a bite into the soft tender meat HiHo brags about. 

3. TUMBI Craft Indian Kitchen

A brain-child of Hotelier RJ Singh and Chef Imran Mukhi, TUMBI is a treat for anyone who loves Indian food and is excited about trying new things. Food at TUMBI is a concoction of traditional Indian recipes with a modern spin. 

The restaurant comes with a bar which is an attractive combo. Although seemingly pricey, the quality and quantity of the items on the menu is well worth it. 

4. Ye Olde King’s Head

If you’re up for trying some British classics, this pub-style restaurant is exactly what you’re looking for. It holds an impressive 40 year legacy. With dishes such as Fish’N’Chips on the menu, this is possibly the most authentic British cuisine you’ll find in Santa Monica. 

Entering it feels like a portal to Britain since its interior is detailed to match that of an authentic British pub. The dishes are served with small British flags on them which add to the drama and magic of this quaint restaurant. Additionally, being located near the sea just adds to its charm. 

5. Interstellar

With the theme being ‘the space occurring between two stars’, Interstellar is not only a restaurant but an ideology. The restaurant’s interior is one of the best Santa Monica has to offer. The restaurant’s menu is a take on America’s diversity and offers a wide range of Asian cuisines including Korean fusion dishes. 

With Shakshuka and Lobster Rolls, spectacular Korean burgers and famous coffee, this restaurant shouldn’t be missed out on. 

6. Heroic Italian

A rich wooden interior with a painted roof provides a visual treat as you sit to dine at this Italian restaurant. For those looking for comfort food that warms up your insides, Heroic is the place for you. 

One bite of the pasta and Santa Monica transforms into Italy itself, taking you on a journey through your taste buds that will leave you wanting more. Known for its signature OMG! Sandwich, Heroic Italian has received immense praise from the likes of Eater LA and LA times. With a wider range of items on its menu, it has now become a go-to spot for a good meal.

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