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Top Apps That Help You Fake Your GPS Location

The induction of smartphone GPS proved to be groundbreaking as it completely altered the way cellphones were used. Unfortunately, it also opened numerous negative channels, exposing the precise location of the user. Therefore, whether users were using popular internet providers such as Wave Internet or utilizing premium VPN services, their current/live location exposed them to all kinds of dangers present online. Which further led to developers creating new avenues to counteract such digital threats. Thus, leading to the development of GPS location spoofing software that helped to mask a user for their privacy and protection. So irrespective of the reason, a user needed to fake their location, whether it was for playing online games or to mislead streaming services, such as Netflix, users had another option available at their fingertips.

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Top Apps That Help You Fake Your GPS Location

Listed below are some of the top GPS spoofing apps that are free and don’t require the user to root or jailbreak their smartphone to access them.

Option #1: Location Changer

The fake GPS location app, Location Changer comes with a wide range of features for an advanced user. What makes this app stand out is that it’s great for a user, who has enhanced knowledge regarding the technical side of smartphones. Even though location spoofing does not exactly fall under the category of advanced knowledge but if someone is not aware of this; they can even mess it up. Moreover, with Location Changer, the user could drop their points in several locations, so it looked like they were taking a ride on the waters of Venice while simultaneously shopping on Oxford Street in London and watching an opera performance in Chicago.

The multi-point spoofing was designed for those users, who were paranoid about exposing their real location online. Furthermore, the user received a joystick controller, which made the app a great option for location-based games (LBS) such as Orna RPG, Pokemon Go, and even Parallel Worlds. Since the app is similar to Google Maps, simply pressing or even holding one’s finger/thumb would instantly drop a pin on the location and link them up. This way, the user was ready to spoof their actual location. 

Option #2: Fake GPS Location Professional

Another fake GPS location finder ensured that the user obtained professional results when it came to finding the location, etc. The joystick feature is another standout in the app. Unlike other apps, the joystick is a free feature and users can even use it when they are only using the basic version of the mobile app. What’s more, the interface of the app is user-friendly, which makes it easy to understand and even easier to handle.

Since this is quite an unfussy app, the only thing that a user needs to worry about is spoofing the location correctly. Users are advised to use the handset’s developer mode if any changes need to be made to the present settings. Furthermore, the user can also save their favorite locations in a list from first to last or otherwise as well. This way, users won’t have to add in new locations every time they want to use the app. The app is free and has no in-app purchases. 

Option #3: Joystick and Routes

This fake GPS location app, Joystick & Routes is a terrific planning route, which ensures that users utilizing the app have no issue presenting a fake GPS location under the user’s name. Users can also utilize the joystick control to identify the location of the user. Interestingly, the fake location on the map is so pitch-perfect that to an outsider, it would seem that the user is strolling in the streets of their pinned location. One benefit associated with this mobile app is that it does not harm nor gain illegal access to the user’s private and confidential data on their smartphone. On the other hand, users simply have to tweak their basic security settings, which instantly make a difference. Simply head to developer settings on the smartphone device, set ‘Allow Mock Locations’ to enable, leaving the user in peace as their smartphone location claims that they are enjoying the shopping spree in Greenwich Village, New York City.

Option #4: Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

Another app that’s just great is the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer. This app is available, both as a free version and as a paid one. Although most apps advise users to purchase the premium feature, in this case, it is advised to use the free version. The free version of the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer ensures that the user can spoof their present location on any Android device, without the need to root their smartphone. On the other hand, the paid version presents some solid cool features, such as the GPX import to allow users to program itineraries using standard GPS data, rather than adding new ones into the application. Then there’s the joystick mode, which simplifies playing online games a lot easier than other options.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, some of the top fake GPS location apps that cleverly mask a user’s current or live online location so they are never exposed to criminal acts or related threats.

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