Discover How to Keep Your Luggage Safe in Manchester

Are you traveling to Manchester and curious if there is a way to store your bags in the city? 

Read on to discover how you can keep your luggage safe with luggage storage in Manchester

Traveling to Manchester 

Manchester is a wonderful city to visit. Containing a rich history of industrialization, an energetic music scene, and of course, the world-renowned futbol team Manchester United. With these three things alone, there is enough to see and do to fill up an entire week. Not to mention its museums and shopping centers. 

With all that there is to do. Traveling with your bags can be a struggle, especially on the first day of your trip. When you arrive, you probably will not want to go to your room just to drop off your bags. You are going to want to hit the town immediately. Here are a few ways you can safely store your luggage. That way, you can be free to drop your bags and go. 

Travel by Train

If you live in the United Kingdom or are traveling from other parts of it, you will most likely enter the city by train. There are numerous stations, but the main three with luggage storage capabilities are Piccadilly Station, Victoria Station, and The Oxford Road Railway Station. 

Manchester Piccadilly Station

This enormous station hosts many international travelers every day as well as local commuters. Being one of the busiest stations in Manchester, it is no stranger to travelers with large quantities of bags. If your train arrives at this station, there are storage facilities available to you. So that you can drop your bags off and enjoy the surrounding area before moving on to your hotel or Airbnb. 

Manchester Victoria Station

The Manchester Victoria Station is located in the northern part of the city and has been in operation since the mid-1800s. This station is mainly used for the Metrolink light rail system. Being the third busiest station in all of Manchester, it is likely that you will find yourself here along your journey. So, feel free to use its luggage storage facility to temporarily store your bags while you enjoy the city. 

Manchester Oxford Rd Railway Station

After being re-built in the mid to late 19th century. The Oxford Road Railway station quickly became the second most used station in Manchester. Located near the heart of Manchester. You will find that the luggage storage amenity is quite useful whether your destination is Manchester or you are simply waiting for your next train.

Travel by Bus

Once you are in the city, you will likely use public transit to travel around. If you are not using the light rail system, you may find yourself using the bus and coming across the Manchester Coach Station. 

Manchester Coach Station

After several remodels, this station emerged in 2002 as a great option for anyone looking for intercity transportation. With its newer amenities, whether you need to drop your luggage off or temporarily store your shopping bags, this station is a great place to do it. 

Travel by Plane

If you do not live in the United Kingdom, you will most likely take a plane to Manchester. The Manchester Airport is a great international airport that consists of one cargo terminal and three passenger terminals. If you are traveling to the city and don’t wish to carry your bags until it’s time to check into your room, here is a safe place to store them. 

Say you have a relatively long layover at the Manchester Airport. Instead of spending your time cooped up inside the terminals. Store your luggage and go explore the city. You can see plenty of sights, pick up your luggage on the way back, and get back to your gate in no time. 

Visiting Nearby Towns 

Do you intend to visit other nearby towns like Blackpool during your trip to Manchester? It’s a wonderful town that is just a quick train ride away. If you weren’t already planning on it, you should go! It is a lively town with plenty to do. Not to mention, if you do any shopping, there are plenty of safe luggage storage locations at your disposal. 


Speaking of shopping. There are several luggage storage facilities all throughout the city. Whether you are in the heart of it or out towards Piccadilly Circus, you can shop as freely as you like knowing that somewhere nearby, there is a place where you can drop your bags. This is incredibly useful for any dinner reservations. No one wants to have several bags sitting next to them while they eat. 

Traveling Home 

Last but not least, your last day. There is one issue that many often have on their last day in a city. Their check-out time is often way earlier than their flight departure time. If this is the case for you, don’t waste a whole day just sitting in the airport with all of your bags. Utilize the safe storage facilities in Manchester and explore one last time before heading home. It will help you make the most of your trip! 

The Takeaway

There are plenty of safe places to store your bags all throughout Manchester. Some of the more convenient places are train and bus stations. So, familiarize yourself with these locations and take full advantage of them throughout your trip. That way your luggage is safe, and your hands are free to enjoy your trip! 

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