speed up your PC

Effective ways to speed up your PC

If you prefer Windows personal computers, you will surely encounter slowdowns in your computer sooner or later. That is why in this article we will look at several ways to speed up the functioning of the PC.

Cleaning up application files

There are a fairly large number of programs that help you find and delete temporary files created by various applications. Over time, a large amount of such data can accumulate, which slows down the computer.

Turn off optional visual effects and animations

Although beautiful widgets and effects make using the system more pleasant, they slow down the device. For example, in Windows 7, the Aero theme consumes a considerable amount of resources. Instead, you should use standard themes with a simplified style.

Viruses slow down your computer

Malicious software and viruses can run in the background, performing the tasks the attackers need and at the same time consuming system resources. In order to minimize the risk of such a situation, you should always use full (not trial) versions of antivirus software – “trials” often sin with a large number of notifications, which is very annoying and prompts you to turn off the antivirus. You can try the free Microsoft Security Essentials product. After installing the antivirus, you should make sure that its settings include regular computer scans and downloading updates.

SSD drives are faster

This method helps to speed up the work of any computer in general, and not just PC. Traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) are slower than solid-state drives (SSDs). In addition, there are no moving parts in such drives, which allows you to make your computer work more quietly. SSD drives are more expensive than standard drives, but their prices are gradually decreasing.

A large number of applications with autorun slow down the work

Often, when turned on, the computer cannot “recover itself” for quite a long time and runs slower than usual – the reason for this may be a large number of programs that start when the operating system starts.

To call the menu with which you can manage this list, use the MSConfig command – you need to drive it in the search for the Start menu. You should not, however, remove unfamiliar programs without first studying their purpose in search engines – they can be “systems” and affect the correct operation of the computer.

Clearing the browser cache

If your computer starts to run slowly when you visit web pages, then the problem may be with your browser and not with your device or operating system. Clearing the cache often helps speed up your browser. If you are an experienced casino player and frequent user of online sportsbook, then this item is especially important for you. It’s accessible on all the popular browsers to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun. 9 Masks of Fire slot making the game’s rate a good deal for players

Defragmentation speeds up your computer

Even the official Microsoft website offers to resort to defragmentation to speed up the PC. Indeed, a high degree of file fragmentation leads to the fact that the hard drive begins to perform additional actions that result in a general slowdown in the device.

Periodic computer restart

When the PC is running non-stop, some programs begin to consume more memory than they really need – this leads to the fact that over time the computer runs slower. Reboot helps to “free up” the extra occupied memory. In addition, after the reboot, updates will be installed (if any), the installation of which the user could refuse to install for a long time so as not to interrupt work – they can close various errors and also affect the acceleration of the device.

These simple ways will help you speed up your computer and extend its work for a long time. The advantage of these methods is that you do not need to be an expert to perform these simple steps.

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