gog and magog(yajuj majuj)

Where The Real Wall of Gog and Magog (Yajuj Majuj) Located?

gog and magog(yajuj majuj)
gog and magog(yajuj majuj)

The rabbis were in madina and the quraish sent the delegation to find out from them how can we tell whether this man maybe muhammad al-islam islam is indeed a prophet the rabbi said ask him three questions which only a prophet can answer and allah is sending the answers to the three questions one of the questions was ask him about the great traveler ask him about the great traveler who traveled to the two ends of the world

so with question one ask him about the great traveler who traveled to the two ends of the earth and we are told that this traveler is called zulkovning the one who possesses two currents and cotton can mean a horn so cut name will be two horns and cotton could also be an age or an epoch a time so carne will be two ages so this is a man who is either of two horns or impacts upon two ages who is the koran?.

we established him on earth securely with the power and with the means with the capacity and the knowledge and the right means to achieve anything that he might set out to achieve and so surely a superpower not an ordinary power a superpower fred ba sababa and so he chose the right means now to do what he wanted to do.

he sets out on the journey to the west and
he reaches a place where the sun is setting and there he founded setting in a body of water that was haniya dark murky so visibility in that water will be very shallow and there he came across a people is it possible for us to identify that body of water if we can we’d be on the way to locating the geographical location of the area which we’re talking about we’re going to do that in a moment inshaallah then sulkar name set off on the second journey now and he’s going to the rising of the sun and when he had traveled to the distance that he could travel the quran does not tell us how far it was
he came upon a people.

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we have not provided for them as a covering other than discovery it appears to us that it is the natural covering that you have from the sunshine so a people living a primitive way of life and he left them as they were and then he went on to the third journey which is verse number 92 and so now he travels in the third direction

he comes to a place between two a path between two mountain ranges on this side are mountains on this side of mountains and in between there’s a bus then we locate geographically where are we talking about is it possible it passed between two mountain ranges and there he come across he came across the people like

he came across a people whose language he could not understand because their language was unique their language had no connections with other language in that region it was a language which was not connected with all the other languages in that region when they had learned to communicate with each other then these people spoke to zulkar’s name and said to him oh in our territory.

can you help us you have the power can you build a barrier to protect us from these people
he should have said i don’t need to build any barrier i’ll move in there and i’ll beat them up and they won’t touch you anymore so i don’t need to build any barrier i’ll go and teach them a lesson they’ll never forget but no he didn’t say that they said we prepared to pay you he said i don’t need your money what allah has given to me is more valuable so he agreed to build the barrier what i need from you is your labor help me with your manpower and i’m going to build a barrier between you now number 96 verse number 96.

bring me blocks of iron and so that has to be a geographical location where there is iron ore it has to be a geographical location where there are mountain ranges in the past between the mountain ranges it has to be a geographical location where on the left you have a body of water which is so dark and murky that visibility is very shallow okay
and it has to be an area where there are large deposits of iron oh bring me block survive
and after he had covered the past with blocks of iron he said build a furnace blow with your bellows and now bring me molten copper so he poured the molten copper and the engineers we have an engineer here tells me that this to prevent rust
and after he had built the barrier and covered it
the quran speaks it changes from the word sabden to use another word in verse number 95

previously the word used was sudden but now the word uses so that saddam is two barriers
two mountain ranges but southern is something else it is like the two sides of a shell we’re gonna have some pictures like this now the two sides of a shell you’ve been to the seashore when you open a shell like this and we join at the bottom but open at the top that’s the shape of the path between the mountains joined at the bottom opened at the top so when he had blocked off this space this saturday now the molten copper is put on it and then gog and magog could neither scale the barrier nor could they penetrate it so they are now trapped behind the barrier and so dulcani now says hazmat this barrier is constructed in in consequence of allah’s kindness and grace but

when that time come of which my world has worn is a footy hunt they will not return to reclaim the town as they as they own until either footy had until gog and maga release when that time comes for god and my god to be released so that banu is to be brought back to the holy land now become brought back as a monthly crowd at that time allah is going to bring down this barrier
and become dust now let’s turn to the pictures and see whether we can locate this is the caucasus mountains here the white being the snow and on the left side there is a body of water

which is so dark and so murky with so much algae in it that it has been given a name and that name has been there with it for many many many years even the time of a makathi it’s called the black sea it’s called the black sea why because it is so dark if you go to the mediterranean sea and you’re on a ship you could see several meters underneath the water

but if you go to the black sea you’ll hardly be able to see more than one meter underneath the water on this side of the black sea is the caspian sea
and in between the caspian and the black sea is this body of land
so we say that zulka name is traveling in that direction to the west and then in this

direction to the east the caucasus mountains are an unbroken range of mountains from that end to this end but in between the caucasus mountains there is one pass only one in between it’s called the diary of the gorge let’s see we have here we are there is the gorge and there is one side and there is the other side and its like an open shell see the quran is describing this sadafi so we have i believe establish for you the geographical location of god and magog the people who are located behind the barrier behind the barrier on that side of the caucasus were the casa

on that side of the caucasus was a casa a tribe of people who converted and became jews must have been on a sunday morning and some of them converted from judaism and became christians must have been on sunday evening so you have khasa you have khaza four jews and you have gaza who were christians but they did not become jews because of religious conviction they became jews as a matter of political convenience so they don’t particularly care for torah
and for the laws of diet and so on so these are people who are jews as a nation but not as a religion a nation not a religion these are the people who today control power in the world

they are human beings they are not some strange creatures living in the interior of the other that’s disneyland thinking the human beings
the barrier built by zulkane was destroyed by allah in the lifetime of nabi muhammad islam if you don’t want to believe this that i have said fine you can accept that the barrier

is still there we don’t have to be divided and be fighting with each other over it no i say the barrier is gone it’s destroyed you say the barrier is still yet so why do we have to be fighting and dividing ourselves with each other over this all i’m saying is if the barrier is still standing why aren’t you searching for it i think there’s a question of credentials here if a barrier built by mentioned in the quran a geographical reality mentioned in the

quran is still standing on the face of the earth not buried beneath the surface of the earth what kind of disneyland thinking is that if it is there standing on the face of the earth why are you not searching for it why has no human being seen and recognized that barrier in 1400 years and more since the quran was revealed why mayan says because it’s already been destroyed but you don’t accept that answer you say imran hussain is misguided don’t listen to imran who’s saying fine not shameful scholars don’t behave like that if  gog  and  magog  have been released then we can understand the facade in the world today universal facade
music if they are released in the world they are the agents of facade they are the ones who have brought the jews back to the holy land to reclaim it as their own then it’s very easy for us to recognize who they are to god

and yet our critics are emphatic that no the gel has not been released and magog have not been released if we can’t find the barrier built by the name which is made of iron and steel it’s probably some way down a few miles underneath the earth is that scholarship we do not want to disrespect our critics but we say if you are not prepared to accept that the jar is the mastermind of the modern age and the gog and magaga the means to which the job pursues his mission on the earth then we’re very sorry we’re moving on we can’t wait on you

was asleep at the home of his wife

and he woke up from his sleep when the hallease is located in  sahih bukhari  in several different versions from several different sausage companions so we say it is
he woke up from his sleep what he had seen in his sleep also a vision like ibrahim was so terrible so terrible that his face was red slush red it has to be something terrible for the prophet of allah to wake up with his face all red flushed what did he see he woke up when he spoke these memorable lines he said

tara arabs because of an evil shadow of an evil it can’t be an ordinary evil for his face to be so flush red it has to be a very great evil which is now close and then he raised his hands like this and he said today

today means this day or one thousand years from now where has reason fred he said today a hole has been made in the radar he didn’t use the word sudden he used the word radha suratul kaff has bought the words when they asked her name to build it they used the word sad when he built it he used the word radha and the khali says the radha of zulker name of yah you and me today a hole has been made indicating that the great evil which is going to devastate the arabs has not has yet occurred

it is an end time event because the words gogan maga there what is this great catastrophe that is coming on the arabs what is this great destruction that is coming on earth which has not has yet come where is islamic scholarship today why are you not asking these questions and i’m not asking them
i’m not asking the indonesian i’m asking the arabic

will we be destroyed

to destroy will we be destroyed this is the word she asked will we the arabs be destroyed when there are righteous people amongst us the hadith is in sahih bukhari he said naam yes and then he went on to use words i never understood until recently until i saw the pathetic state of islamic scholarship today and the even pathetic state of those who lead muslims mystery he said either

when the scum prevails then it will come and today this scum prevails their eyes and yet they cannot see they have ears and yet they cannot hear they have hearts and yet they do not understand uh

there this come and when the scum prevails then the destruction of the arabs not normally now the turks the arabs will take place
but i want to take you now

back to that spot in the caucasus mountains
because we want to fine-tune our attempt to identify gogan magog
it is not sufficient to say that gog and magaga the european christians and european jews no because amongst the european christians and european jews they will be those who become muslims they’ll be those who are our friends and allies do not make the mistake we have to look for a people who will eventually be moving from that northern area and moving towards jerusalem

shortly after the death of the prophet sallallahu ta’ala
something very mysterious happened in that part of the world that historians have chosen to bury a tribe called kaza

chose to embrace judaism and so the world witnessed for the first time the very strange phenomenon of a non-semitic people becoming jews non-semitic becoming jews and these people the khaza chose to convert to judaism but they did so not for any religious reasons they were not so much interested in the kitab and to follow the law they embraced judaism for purposes of political experiencing

there was sandwich between islam and christianity byzantine christianity and they chose judaism these european jews who have no racial biological connection with these banu israel multiplied

they multiply and multiplied and read it to such an extent that today nine or nine in every 10 jews in the world 90 or more are european jews they outnumber the semitic jews by 9 to 1 or 10 to 1.
these european jews if you look at the list of names of nobel prizes
for science for literature would you name it you will find that these are people who far exceed the rest of mankind in their intellectual brilliance in the academic achievements in their scientific research they are a people different from the rest of mankind


Speaker – Sheikh Imran Nazar Hossein


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