The best graduation announcements 2022 

You might be surprised to know this, but in the 21st century people are more interested in their graduation party than their wedding. It is a justified pleasure, and in the early centuries, not many people were able to reach this point. So today, thanks to the fast communication and transport facilities, many people can graduate from the institute of their choice. Such achievements call for a celebration. However, not many students get time to create the graduation invitation ro arrange for the party, thus, they rely on the simpler family dinners instead, or call the people over phone to their graduation ceremonies. 

We don’t want you to end it like that. Even if you are unable to arrange for the party, we would urge you to create the graduation party cards instead. It is simple, if you know the tricks. 

The year 2022 has come up with some unique things, and here you can search about the trendy graduation announcements for 2022. In the Thai article, we intend to share with you a few simple methods to design a wonderful graduation invitation card. 

The straightforward card 

These cards are the simple two tone cards. You can choose the colours of your choice, and a colour for the fonts. Now think about the aspects of the card. Do you want a  square or a rectangle shaped card? Choose any. Simply write the details on the card, and mention the purpose of the invitation. This is it. You never know how helpful it would be for your grandparents. 

Send a voice note and a card 

This will increase the happiness and joy of your family members. We would suggest you think about everything about your life, and for each family member record a specific voice note. Then design a card and send it to them. 

The scholar’s cap 

This can be a cool idea. You would have seen a scholar’s cap. It is the significatory cap which is given to the passing out students. To clarify the idea of your graduation party you can try out this method. You will need a simple square aspect card. Then make it a balck colour card, and draw a string with a pom-pom like symbol. Your card is ready. 

The scholar’s cap when you open it 

The pop-up cards are also very impressive. All you need to do is cut a scholar’s cap, and paste it in the centre of your card. This will take time, but we would suggest you make this card for your close family members and friends. Or you can create it on the applications dedicated for the formal graduation invitations

Quotes on the card 

Another way to give substance to your card is by mentioning quotes on it. All you need to do is find some good and related quotes. Like you can mention “hard work pays off” or “he believed he could so he did” anything that symbolises your hardwork will go fine for such a card. 

Pictures with family members 

You can either paste a collage of your favourite pictures from the family album, to ensure that every family member should feel the warmth of their journey and love with you. It will induce  a feeling of togetherness. This way, for them such a graduation invite will be the best one for them. 

To create it, you do not need to do much. Check for a simple and easy to use application for editing photos. Now create a photo collage of you and your family members. If you are sending an ecard, then you can think of a video too. 

Now paste it under the title of the graduation card. Do not forget to mention the class year, and the venue properly. 

Some fun lines 

To attract the attention of the recipient, you can go a bit creatively. For instance, you may write “congrats your son is finally a graduate” or “have you ever thought that your brother will be a college graduate” such lines will make the receiver feel special. 

Here you need to explore your feelings regarding this event, and your journey. Such lines should be written with a bright colour, to maintain the vibe. Moreover, the font style also needs to be funky. 

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