Scholarship Application Form And All Rules For Bangladeshi Student’s


Meritorious students in the nation might get the education augmentation specified by the government by completing the scholarship 2022 application form. Government personnel in the country’s 11th to 20th grades will be eligible to fill out an application form for a scholarship 2022 for up to two children in grades 6th to higher.

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh’s government gives scholarships or educational support via grants from its income budget. The service is handled by the Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board in Dhaka, which is reviewed by two committees before being approved.

These two committees are the suggestions of the selection committee meeting and the ultimate approval in the sub-committee meeting. Scholarship application services are available through the country’s six divisional offices, including the Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board’s Head Office in Dhaka.

1. Online applications for scholarships for the children of government workers working in grades 11-20, from 6th to the highest level, are solicited by issuing a notice on the Board’s website.

2. Online scholarship or educational help applications are first evaluated.

3. Based on the categorized list, applications received via the online software at the head office and divisional offices were presented to the meeting of the board’s selection committee.

4. After reviewing the applications, the Selection Committee proposes a class-based scholarship / tuition rate in favor of qualified students, taking into consideration the total number of students in the class and the entire allotted budget.

5. At the subcommittee meeting, the final sanction of scholarship or education support is awarded based on the rate indicated in favor of the scholarship-eligible student.

The amount sanctioned for scholarship or education support is sent to the applicant’s bank account by EFT, and the amount is informed via SMS to the applicant’s cell phone.

Who is eligible to fill out the scholarship application form?
Government personnel in the 11th to 20th grades will be allowed to fill out the Scholarship Application Form 2022 for up to two children in the 6th to the highest grade level. Scholarships or educational support are granted to the children of these employers in two categories.

Scholarships are awarded at a higher rate to students who pass all subjects with an average of 80 percent or above.
Children who pass each topic with an average score of 50 percent to 69 percent are eligible for educational support.
However, if both the husband and wife work for the government, only one kid is eligible for the scholarship.

Guidelines for completing the scholarship application form 2022
The printed copy of the online application form should be printed at the specified location, along with the signature and seal of the educational institution’s head, the employee’s signature, the authority’s signature and seal, the scanned copy of the form, and the scanned copy of the required documents.

What papers are required?

You will need to gather various papers in order to complete the scholarship application form 2022. While filling out the form, an attested copy of the student’s original marksheet from the previous year should be scanned and submitted.

In addition, the applicant’s picture should be scanned and submitted. This implies that you must have marksheets and photographs with you when filling out the online form. It should be noted that there is no price for completing the Scholarship Application Form 2022.

This scholarship is made possible by the Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board Act of 2004 and the Bangladesh Employees Welfare Board (Management and Maintenance of Funds) Rules of 2006. Which pupils will only get once a year.

However, if the requested service is not provided, the employee should contact the Employee Welfare Board, the Head Office-Director or Director General, or the Deputy Director or Director of the appropriate Divisional Office.


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