BENEFITS OF HIRING A GENERATOR OVER BUYING ONE. Why waste your hard-earned money on something you’ll only use for a maximum of four weeks out of the year? Rental generators are surely the way to go. Why buy something when you can rent it instead, which is exactly what you’d do when renting a generator. You don’t have to worry about having an enormous electric bill (thanks to the small cost of renting one) and you don’t need to worry about finding space in your home for a generator either. Plus, rental generators are often the very best brand models so really, it’s a win-win! As always, we hope our post helps.

Here we have mentioned 4 benefits of generator hire.

1. A hired generator will always be in excellent condition 

One consequence of owning an asset such as a generator, is that it will require being professionally serviced. Simply reading about the steps for doing so isn’t enough for ensuring maintenance is done correctly. A lot can go wrong if you don’t have the proper skills or equipment, even when attempting to keep a rather straightforward machine in working order.

In this instance, Kennards Hire has your covered by providing customers with pre-qualified mechanics who are experts when it comes to keeping dynamos running smoothly!

The job these professionals do is more than just routine maintenance; these specialists truly care about their work and understand the underlying importance of getting it right for each customer on an ongoing basis!

2. Is hiring a generator cheaper than buying one?

Ok, remember when we talked about hiring a generator over buying one? We felt it was important enough of a point to give it more thought and here’s what we came up with. If you need a generator for an event, such as a wedding or university ball, you don’t want to need it for longer than two or three days at most.

3. Your hired generator will be top-of the-range

When it comes to buying a generator, very few people take the time to stop and consider their options. We all know that technology advances rapidly, but have you ever stopped to wonder why things change so regularly? Do you remember when mobile phones used to be the size of bricks?

Before you had a laptop, perhaps you thought that was the only way computers could look. Did you know that Kennards hire generators can be hired at reasonable rates around Australia as well?

If you get fed up with looking for your old generator in storage under a pile of junk or just wanting one for those back-up power emergencies – why not hire instead of buying? In fact, most quality brands of hire come with an unlimited supply of fuel and service contracts – think about what we’re saying here!

4. A greater choice of generator sizes

When cater your event with Kennards Hire you’re not stuck with just one option. We have a diverse range of generators so you can hire the right generator for your needs, big or small.

Our experienced Hire Consultants will be able to help you decide which models will suit your requirements best and can even discuss your exact use case – these guys are experts after all! If it’s flexibility you’re after then going hire is far more convenient than buying a single, expensive piece of equipment for example, nothing is stopping you from hiring one of our larger units and then returning it midway through the job if necessary!


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