A friend in need is a friend indeed story for class 6-10

A friend in need is a friend indeed story for class 6-10

A friend in need is a friend indeed story for class 6-10
A friend in need is a friend indeed story for class 6-10

Once there lived two close buddies in a specific village.
They were really fond of travelling .They enjoyed to appreciate the natures, to view green trees, azure oceans and to hear the singing of birds.One day they went to a forest for travelling. They were strolling together with the route of the woodland.
The sights and sounds of the woodland held them spell bound. They even did not recognize that they had walked into  the dense woodland. Suddenly they realized to their dismay that they had lost their path. At that moment, a tragic thing happened. They noticed a bear rushing towards them.

So, both of them were scared and at a loss what to do.
One of the pals knew how to climb up a tree. So he went up a neighboring tree immediately
The second friend didn’t know how to climb up a tree.
So he lay down on the grass and pretended as he was dead. The bear got close the laying friend, sniffed the corpse  and assumed it to be a deadbody.

As the bear does not eat a deadbody, he moved away. Then the first friend stepped down from the tree and asked his friend. “What did the bear whisper to you?” In return the second buddy remarked that the bear offered him an excellent advise. The bear said “Never believe a buddy who leaves you in danger.” At this, the first buddy felt humiliated and went away without saying anything.

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A friend in need is a friend indeed story for class 9-10

Once there were two guys in a nation who were extremely close friends.
They were so close to one other that they used to move together and remain together.
Once they went on a tour. On the way they had to navigate a hazardous forest to reach their goal. So the two companions were going through the dense bush.
When darkness fell, one of them remarked to the other, Friend, I am told that a fierce bear lives in this bush. What should you do if the bear attacks us?” Another buddy remarked, “We’ll not worry it. We will battle together and slay the bear.” Both of them felt extremely joyful and bold.

However, they had not gone far into the forest when a big bear came out of the trees and dashed towards them. Then the fatter at once took to his heels and climbed up up a tree.He did not think about his another pal. But his poor pal did not know how to climb a tree. He was at a loss. He did not know what to do.

Suddenly he recalled one thing – a bear does not devour a dead man.
Finding no other way, he dropped flat on the ground and laid absolutely motionless and feigned to be a dead man. The bear moved near to him and felt his face with its muzzle.
But when the man stopped his breath and lay absolutely quiet, the bear took him for a dead man and walked away. Fortunately the unfortunate man dodged the onslaught of the bear.
The other friend on the tree watched everything and was confident that the bear would kill the man.

He was amazed when his friend was saved miraculously. Now the man on the tree climbed down and asked to his companion with a smile, “What did the bear speak to you when it pushed its snout near to your ear”? He answered that a self focused man can never be a good friend and never trust a selfish man.

Moral Of the story:

we should not leave our friend in danger because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

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